Instructional Videos

Here are a collection of videos to make selling your Krugerrand easier.

Hammertap eBay Analytics

HammerTap Video Tutorials

We use Hammertap to determine the best time to sell Krugerrands on eBay. It also recommends the highest selling keywords to use in the listings, what category to list in, and when to list.

Using the Product Search

Hammertap Basic in One Complete Video


eBay Video Tutorials

Note: These tutorials are provided as a bonus to our eBook customers- they require a password, which is listed on page 10.

eBay Instructional Videos, 1 -7

  • Registering with eBay
  • Registering with PayPal
  • My eBay
  • Link Paypal and eBay Accounts
  • eBay Listing Fees
  • Stuff You Can’t Sell
  • Get Free Help

eBay Instructional Videos, 8 -14

  • eBay Feedback And Reputation
  • Auction Style Listings
  • Fixed Price Listings
  • Multiple Item Listings
  • eBay Classifieds
  • Reserve Price
  • Searching for Items

eBay Instructional Videos, 15 -21

  • Buying on eBay
  • Leaving Feedback
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Before Listing
  • Listing Part I
  • Listing Part II
  • Listing Part III

eBay Instructional Videos, 22 -28

  • Listing IV
  • Listing V
  • After the Sale
  • Invoicing Customers
  • The Shipping Process
  • Leaving Feedback
  • Shipment Notification