22K Gold Krugerrands

Krugerrands Turn Into CashMany people are intimidated by selling gold; for most of us selling more than an ounce or two of gold is one of the largest transactions we make outside of purchasing a car or a home.

Just like with car or home purchase or sale, the more informed you are, the better deal you can make. To be an informed Krugerrand seller, you could scour the internet gold websites, and educate yourself on Krugerrand history and how they are valued. You could also read through several lofty tomes on gold coin trading- with a specific focus on Krugerrands. Finally you could interview gold dealers, estate appraisers, and attorneys. Or you could let us take care of that for you in one concise guide.

Earlier this year my wife inherited dozens of gold Krugerrands. We weren’t inclined to keep them sitting in the safe for decades, and gold prices were shooting higher and higher. We decided to take advantage of what may well be the biggest gold price spike of our lifetime and sell them. Seeing is believing – take a look at the 20 Year Historical Price of Gold from Gold Price (feel free to check Google for other sources on historical gold prices).

We began by doing serious, detailed research. We bought collector reference books, scoured the internet for reputable sites with useful information and interviewed a variety of experts. We also put our money where our mouth was and took the coins to potential buyers and appraisers. Then more research to verify. We came away with a lot of knowledge that gave us the confidence to move forward with a sale that gave us maximum return for the coins. This is not a seven page pamphlet- at last count we have over forty pages of carefully organized Krugerrand advice.

This eBook will tell you everything that we learned that enabled us to avoid rookie mistakes and not get taken advantage of. We are very happy to say that our Krugerrands brought the absolute best possible price. Because of the research we had done and knowledge that gave us, we feel very good about our transactions.

Now we’d like to share that with you- we want you to feel good about your transaction too. To never wonder, “Could I have gotten a better price?” We are confident that by following the guidelines and using the resources in this book, you will fare much better than the casual seller and avoid hidden pitfalls. In Selling Krugerrands, we cover the following:

  • Krugerrand History
  • Krugerrand Specifications
  • How to Determine What Your Krugerrand is Worth
  • Where to Sell Krugerrands for Maximum Profit
  • Where to Sell Krugerrands for Quick Cash
  • Buyers to Avoid- and Why
  • Everything You Need to Know About Selling Krugerrands on eBay
    • Signing up on eBay
    • eBay Policies on Selling Coins, and Precious Metals
    • Keywords that Sell Your Auction, and How to Find Them
    • When to List for Maximum Profit
    • Where to List for Maximum Chance of Auction Completion
    • How Avoid Limiting the Post Office’s Shipping Liability to $15!!!
    • Handling Disputes
    • Common Scams and How to Avoid Them
  • How to Photograph Krugerrands
  • Tips From a Dealer For Sellers
  • How to Determine Krugerrand Value For Probate
    • Our Recommend Guidelines
    • What the Estate Appraiser Had to Say
    • Licensed Attorney Suggestions
    • Tax Forms You Need to File
  • Links to quickly and easily find values and determine fees

So what’s the bottom line? What’s all this going to cost? $29.99 $21.99 $14.99. Yep, that’s it. For the cost of lunch at a family restaurant, you can get our firsthand advice on Selling Krugerands, and avoid leaving *hundreds* of dollars on the table. And you also get the benefit of the experts we spoke to, including estate appraisers, and a certified tax preparer, and yes, an attorney. The accountant’s fee alone is more than we’re asking for book- and don’t even get me started on the attorney’s fee.

To get the right information, you need to ask an expert- and expert’s time is not free. So why sell it so cheap? Because we understand times are tough. Because before we sold the Krugerrands we needed that money for more important things- and we’re willing to bet most people do too. We wanted to make the guide within the means of most people- and at just $14.99 we believe we did.

We think this guide is more than enough information for a novice seller to make good decisions on exactly where, when and how to sell. In fact, we’re so confident, that if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% refund within 60 days. Your 100% Satisfaction is GuaranteedWe won’t say no questions asked- because if you’re not happy we’d like to know why, and if we can expand the guide then we don’t want to miss the chance to make a good product even better. Get the most out of selling Krugerrands, buy now and the ebook is available for immediate download.

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